Sunday School & Bible Class

jesus in temple as boySunday morning is always a convenient time to remember the 3rd Commandment to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy by gladly hearing and learning more in Sunday School and Bible Class.  Christ Lutheran offers adult classes and age based children’s classes (ranging from preschool to high school).  Infants are always welcome in the adult classes!  The classes and a basic description are below:


Family Life:  This class normally studies a book or current topic of interest to the class. Currently, the topic is Martin Luther which is appropriate for the 2017 which is the 500th Year celebration of the Reformation.  Everyone is invited to learn more about how Martin Luther lead the reformation of the Church.

Growing in Christ:  Due to the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, the Growing in Christ class is attending the sessions on Martin Luther in the Family Life class.

Catechesis: The class lead by Pastor Piazza on Sundays following the service and is for both members of the congregation and non-members wishing to learn more about the Lutheran faith. Brief information about the class is available here or by contacting Pastor Piazza.

Children and Youth

High School:  The high school class often studies a book, video or other item of interest to high school aged youth.

6th-8th Grade:  The 6th-8th graders presently are in Catechesis. Non-members are welcomed to attend this class on the Biblical foundations of the Lutheran Church -Missouri Synod.

Preschool through 5th Grade: The children in these grade ranges learn from the curriculum God’s Hand in Our Lives which engages the children in age appropriate instruction on Biblical stories.  The younger children learn the basic stories and have activities/crafts, and the older children delve deeper into the stories.