Welcome to Christ Lutheran Church

Welcome to Christ Lutheran Church!  This website is designed to give a visitor a brief introduction to Christ Lutheran Church in Noblesville.

Church Season:  Advent

angels&shepherdsWe at Christ Lutheran invite you to prepare for Christmas by looking forward to Christ’s return. The season of Advent recalls the years that Israel waited and looked for the Messiah to be born. Today, God’s people are waiting for the final appearance of Jesus, who will raise the dead and bring a New Heaven and Earth. So that we do not grow impatient or lose heart as we wait, we gather around God’s Word and His gifts of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper regularly on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. This year the Theme for our meditation is “An Angelic AdventGod does not leave people questioning God’s purpose; He sends messengers, that is angels, to give a clear word that creates and sustains faith. Join us as we grow in His Word and share His good news.